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Sicer v angleščini, ne vem kdo je avtor, vendar je ukradeno iz http://vintagemotorcyclesonline.com/community/forum/10-general-talk/120-twas-the-night-before-christmasguzzi-style

"Twas the night before Christmas, and out in my shed
Sat a tired old Guzzi, its battery dead

Its fenders were rusted, its floorboard had holes
The seat and its stuffing had been eaten by voles

The tires showed dryrot, the gas tank was leaking
A turn of the bars sent the steering head creaking

I put on my coat and with a weight on my heart
Went out to see if I could get it to start

When it finally cranked over, there arose a great clatter
And I knew in a second it was Guzzi clutch chatter

Then from under the tank there came a bright flash
The wiring harness had just turned to ash!

"I'm done with these things!" I finally swore
"Enough is enough, I can take it no more!"

But what then to my red, teary eyes should appear
But a little Italian (damn, I need a beer!)

"Buon giorno," he said (and made me all wootsie!)
"You needa my help? My name? Carlo Guzzi!"

"This bike can be saved, no reason to grieve,
All you need is some faith in my work - please believe!"

"A hammer! Some duct tape! Getta me more tools!
When you work on my bikes, just make uppa da rules!"

I'll get her running, and no way will she stall,
(butta pleeze, pleeze - you wait out in the hall!"

Then a cough! And a sputter! Then cacophony STUNNING!
I couldn't believe it! THE OLD GIRL WAS RUNNING!

Then the ghost said to me, kicking a tire,
"You can ride any where but DON'T TOUCHA DIS WIRE!"

The Old Man then vanished (amid sneezes and farts)
But I saw on the floor that he'd left me some parts

So I opened the shed, threw over a leg,
And rode off in the night, in search of a keg!

And I thought to myself (as I missed second gear!),
Merry Christmas to All, and Happy New Year!"

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